ICAIAME 2023 is meeting with the latest requirements of the Academic Promoting Programme applied in Turkey. 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics in Engineering (ICAIAME 2023) will be held within 3-4-5 November 2023 at the Belek, Antalya (Turkey), which is the pearl of the Mediterranean, heaven corner of Turkey and the fourth most visited city in the world. The main theme of the conference, which will be held with international participations along a three-day period, is solutions of Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics in engineering applications. The languages of the ICAIAME 2023 are English and Turkish. The main theme of ICAIAME 2023 is “Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics Based Cyber Security”. However, applicants are encouraged to submit original research work in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics. High quality, accepted and presented English papers will be published in the Springer Series: Engineering Cyber-Physical Systems and Critical Infrastructures. (Approved; more information to come. Click here for the Web page)
Publishing opportunities include also the following journals. Please see ‘Conference’ sub-menu / options for more details.