1- Prof. Dr. Çetin ELMAS (IPMA Global Head Artificial Intelligence SIG, Gazi University, Turkey)
“Artificial Intelligence in Project Management”

2- Prof. Dr. Gerhard-Wilhelm WEBER (Poznan University of Technology, Poland)
“RMARS under Cross-Polytope Uncertainty – a New Machine Learning method in the Natural Gas Market of Turkey”

3- Prof. Dr. Ender ÖZCAN (University of Nottingham, England)
“Tuning the Parameters of a Steady State Memetic Algorithm for Cross Domain Search”

4- Prof. Dr. Hüseyin ŞEKER (Birmingham City University, England)
“The Power of Data and The Things It Empowers”

5- Prof. Dr. Jude HEMANTH (Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, India)
Is innovation possible in deep learning models?: Out-of-the-box approaches

6- Prof. Dr. Nabi IBADOV (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)
“3M site (modern, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural) management as the basis for selecting a construction site manager”

7- Prof. Dr. Viladimir OBRADOVIC (IPMA: International Project Management, Serbia)
“PM And AI: A Competence Gap”

8- Dr. Reinhard WAGNER (IPMA: International Project Management, Germany)
“The Evolution Of Technology In Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On Project Management”